Concept of the Golden Section

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Concept of the Golden Section

This concept can already be found in many works of art from antiquity and later in the Renaissance - , and the golden section can also be discovered.

Thus the "divine proportion to perfection" can be found in the statue of the "Venus de Milo", in the sketchbook "Livre de portraiture" of Villard de Honnecourt (around 1230) as well as in paintings by Raffael (around 1511), Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 to 1519) and Albrecht Durer (1471 to 1528), but sometimes only with a little practice. During his studies - this website , however, Da Vinci soon came to doubt whether such mathematisation would bring the solution to the problem of beauty and moved natural diversity to the centre of his studies:

"He who does not take this difference into account always makes his figures according to the template, as if they were all brothers and sisters, and this deserves severe censure." (after Uhlmann)

Further examples of images:

Venus of Milo

Golden section so that the dividing point is at navel level - minor upwards, major downwards.

Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Jesus and each group of apostles form the major, the other group the minor.

Triumph of Galatea by Raffael

The two groups (angels above - nymphs below) form the ratio of the golden section.

Sistine Madonna by Raffael

The Golden Section runs through the navel of the Madonna and separates the heavenly upper part (Minor) from the lower earthly part (Major).

Self-portrait by Durer

Upper part (head and neck) is major of the whole. The vertical borders of the face divide the width of the picture in the golden section.

Whether consciously or intuitively - , many artists took (and still take) the Golden Section as a prerequisite for the harmonious design of works of art, whether it concerned the dimensions of the picture or the proportions of the composition.

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